21 Trees

We have a simple request: Plant 21 native trees.

By doing so, you will help Ireland meet its climate targets and help restore and repair nature and our beautiful landscape.

You could plant trees on your own land. Or plant them on a friend or neighbour’s land (with their permission, of course). You could plant them on a relative’s land. You could plant them on council land, on scrub land, on common land, or on waste land (again with permission of the landowner).

If everyone on the island of Ireland plants 21 trees, Ireland will gain 140 million trees. 

Ireland has 21 native trees from which to choose.

You could plant one of each, or plant more than one of your favourites.

  • If you want to impress, plant big trees, such as the oak, Scot’s pine, ash, and elm.
  • If you love animals, plant trees that delight and sustain birds and bees, such as the wild cherry, apple, willow, and spindle.
  • If you’re worried about height, plant small trees, such as the blackthorn and elder.
  • You could plant elegant trees, such as the birch, aspen, holly, and alder.
  • Or plant traditionally spiritual trees such as the yew, rowan, hawthorn, hazel.
  • You could plant trees that are rare in Ireland, such as the arbutus, juniper and our own native white beam.

When you have planted them, let us know by tagging them #21trees (on Instagram or Twitter) or emailing us. If you’d like to help but don’t have the land or inclination to do it yourself, get in touch. We can plant them for you.

Arbutus tree sapling
Baby Scot's Pine
Little Scot’s Pine sapling