21 Trees


This little cute thing, pushing up through other plants, is a juniper tree. Juniper is one of our 21 native trees. Known as ‘Aiteal’ in Irish and ‘Juniperus communis’ in Latin. Its wood was considered most fragrant of all the trees. It was used to […]


This beauty is a spindle, one of our 21 native trees, which is covered in pink berries. Coming across one in the woods this time of year is such a breathtaking experience that I cannot understand why they aren’t a more popular choice for planting […]

The ‘Right’ Soil?

There is a trope in Ireland that native Irish trees cannot grow on Irish soil unless the soil is ‘right.’ Strangely, Irish soil seems always right for non-native Sitka spruce, a tree from North America, which is the most common tree planted in Ireland. I […]