21 Trees


One of our 21 native trees

A rowan tree covered with berries is a beautiful sight. Also called ‘mountain ash,’ it’s ‘Caorthann’ in Irish and ‘Sorbus aucuparia’ in Latin.

Rowan Tree: Basic Facts

Height: 15 metres

Life: 200 years

Leaf: Feather like, with five to eight pairs of leaflets plus one at the end. The leaves are long, oval, and serrated.

Flowers: In clusters. Each flower has five creamy white petals

Fruit: Red

Wildlife supported: Bees, caterpillars, and birds (especially the blackbird and thrush)

Mythology: In ancient times, it was known for magic and providing spear shafts.

If everyone on the island of Ireland planted one each of our native trees, we could plant 140 million trees, help restore the land, support indigenous wildlife, and slow climate change. Please help by planting a rowan tree today!

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